Mechanical God Creation


Name: Michele “Mike” Attolino

Place of birth: Taranto

Instrument: Fretless Bass

Other Band: The Foreshadowing, A Taste Of Fear

Favourite artists:Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Alex Webster, Tony Choy, Sean Malone, Steve Di Giorgio.

Favourite band:Cannibal Corpse, Atheist, Death, Pestilence, Testament, Behemoth

Favourite movies: Blade Runner, Tron, Back to the future and all noir vintage films!

Hobbies:cooking, travel, composing music.

Equipment:Storm custom 6 string fretless bass (Junior), Storm custom 5 string fretless bass (Elegy), Storm custom 5 string bass (M.A. Signature), EBS amps, Boss Stomp Pedals.