Mechanical God Creation


About Mechanical God Creation

Mechanical God Creation was born in October, 2006. The original core of the band sees the light thanks to a forum where Lucy, the former singer of Art of Mutilation who was at that time playing in an English band together with two members of Hecate Enthroned, finds Simo (guitar / vocals) and, the two decide to complete the line-up to form a death metal band.

Simo contacts Jambra to play drums, Runza joines as second guitarist till Andrea completes the line-up on bass guitar.

The band walks into the Larsen Forge Recording Studios in Milan in March 2007 to record their first demo entitled “… And the Battle becomes War” featuring 3 tracks and an instrumental intro.

The demo is released in May 2007 and is reviewed very positively by magazines and webzines in Italy as well as Europe. In June 2007, the band is selected and voted to play on the 2nd stage of Gods of Metal, playing with sacred monsters like Ozzy Osbourne, Korn and Megadeth.

In 2008, the band starts playing live out of Italy, in Austria and at the Metalcamp Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia where they play with groups like Meshuggah,Iced Earth,Behemoth… In July 2008 the band begins to plan recording of their first full length album and, at the same time, signs a contract with Carlo Bellotti.

In November, the West Link Studios in Pisa see the band recording the tracks of bass and drums, then it is the Alpha Omega studios in Como where they complete the recording and mixing of guitars and voices helped by the expert Alex Azzali. The mastering will then be done at Finnvox Studio in Finland. … Cell XII finds its final shape in Autumn 2009 …nine tracks of pure aggression

During those months, the line-up had several changes: Jambra, Runza and Simo decided to leave the project for personal reasons and Mgc was busy searching for new members. The search resulted in Ale, Manuel and Davide joining the band and a second album “Artifact Of Annihilation” was recorded at Math Lab and Alpha Omega studio and mixing/mastering at Garage Studio in Canada from Chris Donaldson of Criptopsy . After a hard time and several problems within the band, Lucy decides to totally reform it and channel her passionate inspiration through new musicians. Fra and Mirko on guitars, Fabri “jesus” on bass and Carlo as drummer. And the guys are now busy writing new stuff.


Lucy: vocals

Cesare: guitar

Fra: guitar

Fabrizio: bass

Carlo: drummer